From the Creators of the Best-Selling (and Sold-Out) iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio, comes the Contra Versa Tarot with Three Versions To Suit Your Preference!

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Our new tarot deck forms the cornerstone of any serious card-reader’s collection by giving insights, higher perspectives, and advice with reliable results. The reinvention of this classic tool became the iN2IT Contra Versa Tarot.

In its different variations, we've created the ULTIMATE Tarot Deck. The iN2IT Contra Versa Tarot which can answer any question you throw at it and will take your reading ability to the next level. 

Beautiful imagery & powerful keywords to deliver clear & insightful messages. 

Which deck is perfect for you? EXPLORE YOUR DECK OPTIONS BELOW:


Choose this deck if you are not super familiar with tarot and/or would simply prefer to have KEYWORDS on your card face.

Combining contemporary visuals with a card title, key phrase and KEYWORDS for both the upright and reverse positions enables you to quickly intuit the clearest messages possible. And, like all of deck versions, each card provides an associated astrological sign. This deck is ONE-SIDED with a colorful-uniform back side.

"Been waiting to for the tarot deck to come out for months, I didn’t have the money to support it as a kickstarter but I was so happy when it got fully supported. I was able to finally purchase this deck, and I ordered the one sided tarot with keywords, I love love love it! The quality is really good too!! This deck shuffles smoothly and easily, without the cards staying bent, I can tell that it is going to last a long time, it is better than some of my other decks which have gotten messed up after a couple of shuffles."

-- C. Rollins


Choose the iN2IT Contra Versa CLASSIC Tarot if you are well versed in tarot and prefer to have NO KEYWORDS.

This deck combines contemporary visuals with a card title and key phrase ONLY for both the upright AND reverse positions so that you can quickly intuit the clearest messages possible. And, each card shows an associated astrological sign. This deck is ONE-SIDED with a colorful-uniform back side.


Choose this deck if you would like "Flash Cards" to help teach you tarot OR if you are an intermediate reader and would like the best of both worlds.

The 2X is an excellent learning deck because it has two sides, one side with keywords and the other without. This deck makes a great "flash card" deck to help teach you tarot.

If you find a two-sided deck undesirable, consider purchasing two separate decks: The Contra Versa Classic AND the Contra Versa w/Keywords so you have the best of both worlds.

Images rich with meaning.

The iN2IT Contra Versa Tarot combines contemporary visuals with the card title and a key phrase to help you quickly intuit the clearest messages possible. Unlike a traditional Tarot deck, the Contra Versa Tarot will never leave you wondering what the real meaning behind an image might be.

Includes astrological archetypes.

Knowing the planetary and zodiac archetypes associated to each card can greatly enrich your reading, so I placed astrological symbols in the upper and lower corners so you don't have to memorize every association.

Make reading reversals easy.

Reversals are difficult for many readers to master, but when utilized, can double the Tarot deck's possible meanings. I created a descriptive title and key phrase to indicate the meaning of the card in reverse, making it easy to utilize reversals in a reading.

Created keyword version.

No matter what your reading level is, keywords on cards can bring clarity and additional insights to your reading. To meet this need, I modified all 78 card images to make room for keywords that can dramatically improve readability of the cards.

Yin/yang balanced court cards.

Traditionally, the Tarot court card archetypes over-represent masculine, or Yang energy. I decided to depict the Knights as female characters, called Champions, to balance the yin/yang energy of the deck.

Three deck versions.

The deck will be published in three versions so you can personalize your choice to suit your level and style of reading. Whether you are an experienced Tarot reader or a novice, there is an iN2IT Contra Versa Tarot deck for you.

High quality cards & box.

The iN2IT Contra Versa Tarot will be printed on the same high quality, casino-style card stock as the iN2IT Oracle. These standard Tarot-size cards will have a double-sided aqueous coating for durability and a linen finish for easy shuffling, riffling, and handling of the deck. They will come in a beautiful but sturdy, one or two-part box.

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